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This is an Interesting Exhibit: Dutch Design Week 2022

The collection is… at the van Abbe Museum Eindhoven

Featured artists:

Jean-Marc Bustamante

Juan Muñoz

Erzen Shkololli

Andy Warhol

Li Mu

Maarten Baas & Niel Hoebers

Comme des Garçons

Jon Male

Kiki van Eijk

Catharina van eetvelde

Thierry de Cordier

Mercedes Azpilicueta

Manifestations is held in VEEM at Strijp-S.

G1rl World by: Isabelle Nair-Lacheta

gURL by: Studio Comrades

Soup: Sarah Collins

More than this: Envisions

The Surrogacy: Ani Liu

Bouquet and Rainbow Beings: Dae Uk Kim

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