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The Complete UGGs Guide: Size & Fit, Materials, and more…

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

This article was written for FARFERTCH's Dutch Fashion Feed, you can read the original Dutch (10th February 2022) version here.

by: Nienke Creemers, February 2022

You probably can't or do not want to believe it, but UGGs are back on the scene. The shoe brand that was founded by an Australian surfer in California rose to fame quickly in the 2000's. You either loved the sheepskin boots – and naturally owned a classic brown pair, a pair of UGG mini II's in black, and a pair of UGG boots with metallic effect – or despised the cult item. We can say one thing with certainty, no one could walk the streets and not spot a pair of UGGs in 2005. And just between you and me, we are extremely happy to dust off our classic UGGs and even broaden our collection with new eyecatchers. Cause lets be fair, who doesn't want toasty feet in the middle of winter?

Below we'll tell you everything about UGGs materials, size & fit, how to take care of your UGG boots, and we'll discuss UGGs newest styles.


We've grown more and more conscious of our impact on the planet and animal rights over the past fifteen years. Luckily, UGG isn't stuck in the '00 and employs strong measures regarding their materials. The brand has been using the finest wool and leather since 1978 and strives to exclusively work with certified leather, cotton, wool and down. The brand does not use any exotic leather or angora wool and solely works with animal products originating from the meat industry.


UGG uses 'double-sided' sheepskin for their distinctive boots. The leather is manipulated so that one side has a suede finish, while the backside has a soft woolly feel. UGG doesn't purchase any leather from animals that were slaughtered exclusively for their skin and performs several audits to ensure their suppliers standards. The brand condemns 'mulesing' – the practice of cutting the backside of sheep for hygienic purposes – as an alternative, skins are bought from sheep that don't need to be mulesed. UGG prides itself in being a member of animal rights organisations such as the "Leather Working Group".

Responsible Wool

The super-soft inside of your UGG boots are made of wool. UGG takes part in the "Responsible Wool Kickstart" program. This program strives towards a better treatment of animals and more transparency within the supply chain. Wool used for UGG's originates from the meat industry. Thus, sheep are not sheared while they are alive. The brand aims to eliminate virgin wool and tries to incorporate recycled wool instead. From 2023 angora and alpaca wool will be banished by the shoe brand.

Size & Fit Guide

So, you've decided to give in to the trend and want to purchase a pair of UGGs, we'll tell you everything about the sizing of the recognisable shoe.

UGG's fit is normal in regards to size, we advise ordering your usual size. However, if you are always a bit chilly and love wearing the thickest socks, you might want to opt for a size larger. We have this handy guide, in case you have no clue what your actual shoe size is.

  1. Find a piece of paper, preferably A4 sized, and draw a straight line that is longer than your foot.

  2. Place your foot on the paper and make sure your heel and longest toe are aligned with the line you just drew.

  3. Mark where your toe and heel end.

  4. Measure the length of your foot and use the centimetre chart to determine your UK size.

How to Keep Your UGGs Fresh and Clean

You naturally desire to keep your UGGs in a good condition, the boots will last ages when they're well taken care off. UGG's should never be washed in a washing machine or dry cleaned. If you find a spot on your boots, try brushing them with a soft, dry brush. Use a product for suede if the blemish doesn't disappear. Even though wool and leather shouldn't obtain any scent, we do advise you to air out your UGGs to keep them smelling fresh. Stuff your shoes with paper when you won't be wearing them, this will keep the shape.

Our Favorite UGG Shoes

And now, the list you've been waiting for. We've listed the classics and the newest Tasman X and Drizlita styles.

UGG Classic Short II Boots

You must remember this classic! The original UGG model was worn by Californian surfers and rose to fame in the '00's. The 'Classic II' boots have been given some upgrades since then, they're now water resistant and have a much lighter sole.

UGG Classic mini II

The name already suggests it, the UGG 'Classic mini II' is a shorter version of the 'Classic Short II'. They are perfect for everyday wear. Combine them with a pair of jeans or create a monochrome look by combining the boots with earthly hues.

UGG Ultra mini

The 'UGG Ultra mini' is the shortest and currently most popular UGG model. The style is comprised of all UGG's classic elements, such as soft wool and a lightweight sole. If that didn't sell it, the likes of Cher, Kendall Jenner and Paris Hilton were already spotted in a pair of Ultra mini's, so what is stopping you?

Scruffette II Suède Slides

Thé slide for all your lazy days at home: the 'Scruffette II' is made of suede and has a plush inside. Naturally the slides are best combined with thick bathrobes, sweatpants and winter knits.

UGG Oh Fluffita

You might stroll, shashay or promenade through your house, whichever one you prefer, you'll do it best in the 'UGG Oh Fluffita's'. The platform slippers will keep your feet warm and cosy. Besides that, they will definitely give the message that you are the queen of the castle – or house.

UGG Tasman X

If it rains or shines, the new 'Tasman X' will make sure you stand out. The model is as practical as colourful. The water-resistant shoes are made of foam and come with a removable UGGplush™ sock made from TENCEL™, Lyocell and recycled wool. The brand completely assists you in your 'dopamine dressing' as the 'Tasman X' is available in a range of colours, such as 'Lime' and 'Taffy Pink'.

Ugg Drizlita Rainboots

By wearing UGG's new 'Drizlita' rainboots you are certainly making a statement. The shoe is made of recycled material that originates from the 'Classic II'. A responsible choice, for the planet, and your comfort – the boots have a luscious woollen inside sole. Nothing will stop you from dancing in the rain and jumping in puddles, but you'll do it in style.

This article was written for FARFERTCH's Dutch Fashion Feed, you can read the original Dutch version here.

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